January 20, 2007

Our Little Fulani Baby

(His incubator days)

(Ready to go home)

An answer to prayer is named “Baby Christophe”. He was born about 6 weeks premature at the hospital on November 18th. He required antibiotics, oxygen, an incubator, tube feedings, and a lot of TLC for 2 months. His weight at one time dropped to just over 1000 grams (2.5 pounds). Today he is 2,000 grams, drinking from the bottle, and planning to go home with his mom in the next few days! Because normally babies are not named until they have been home for 1 week, our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Gail Warner, named him Christophe because she was praying that his healing would be a Christmas present. Well, it came as a New Year’s gift. But we praise God and give Him the glory for this miracle! We also praise God that while this Fulani mother was with us at the hospital, she heard clear presentations of the Gospel. (The Fulani are a people group who care for cattle. They also have very limited access to the Gospel.) She understands that the credit for healing her baby belongs to God.

We praise Him for this miracle!


40211724 said...
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Wendy said...

Yes praise God for this miracle !

It is a pleasure to read from Koutiala Hospital !

May God continu to give you all you need to serve Him with His great love !

God Bless you all !