April 17, 2007

Building Update from Bob Braafhart:

  • Started construction on one of the porches of the existing maternity building to enclose an area to house about 10 extra beds. With the present rate of over 130 deliveries a month(doesn't include sick patients), only 13 beds in the maternity ward has proven to be not enough. There should be beds in there by the end of the month. Please pray for a timely completion to this project.
  • We are currently working through the plans for the new women's medical building. It will cover the square meters about the size of a football field. We are working through the floor plan to get it down to the budgeted size and to be sure that what gets built is useful for the needs in this culture. Please pray for wisdom and unity as we work our way through these plans.
  • We are in great need to solve a rain problem before the rainy season starts in a little over a month. After the Pediatric building was built and the first rain came we found that the building wasn't adequitly protected. The rain came in with such force that it flooded rooms through closed windows and large entry door opening. We would like to extend the roof off the east side to help with the rain, take some of the direct sun off the patients' room and supply a place to park staff vehicles out of the scorching sun. Please pray for the funds to do this. It is estimated to cost $8,000

This last month brought the arrival of the first set of triplets delivered at the Koutiala Women & Childrens Hospital. They were between appox 3, 4 and 5 pounds. Within an hour after their arrival twins were born bringing the total births for that day to 8. Please pray for Dr. Dan Nesselroade and the staff as they are on call 24/7 with little to no relief in sight.
Women and children are alive today that otherwise would not be because of the ministry here. Hundreds of patients have heard the message of the freedom available with faith in Jesus Christ with a few making a descions to follow. Seeing and hearing this makes our cups overflow. There is bound to be struggles and obstacles where Satan's territory is being assalted. How we deal with those also testifies to our lives and faith in Christ.
Thank You for being a part of God's work here in Koutiala!

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