June 11, 2007

June 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children!

by Betsy Bohuslavsky

On May 22, 2007 the hospital celebrated it's First Anniversary! One year ago we opened our doors after many days on our knees for the electricity situation and other needs. It's amazing to look back and see the Lord's faithfulness and sovereign hand on the whole situation. We praise Him for forming the hospital, fulfilling a vision given many years ago, and giving us numerous opportunities to share about Jesus. Every weekday 30-100 people here a gospel message given by our Chaplains Enoch Coulibaly or Simeon Dembele. In the last year approximately 1,051 women delivered at the hospital, 69 of which were cesarean sections, and 89 other surgeries performed. Indeed we have seen the Lord work in many peoples lives including our own as we are humbled to give each day to Him and seek Him above all things. One of the joys He has given us this past year is to see some of our little preemie babies have the opportunity to live through the special care we could provide for them. In the picture is one of the preemie's, baby "Christophe", whose mother brought him in recently for his immunizations. He's grown so much! Of course there have been challenging and sad moments too, but the Lord's presence carries us through those times and gives us strength and joy to continue working. On our anniversary day all the hospital staff gathered together to enjoy some treats, sing "Happy Birthday" to the hospital, pray together, and sing in praise to the Lord for all he has done.

Prayer Requests for Hospital:
  • Please pray for our staffing needs. We need to hire more nurse's aids and start training staff to work in the OR. Pray the Lord would give wisdom to our administration as they make decisions and interview applicants.
  • Pray for Dr. Bill Petty who is filling in for Dan the first two months of the Nesselroade family's three month home assignment to be followed by Dr. Wong for one month. We are so thankful to have him here helping out (and to have Dr. Wong coming). Pray that the Lord give them the strength to meet all the demands and emergencies that can happen at the hospital. Pray for the Nesselroade family to have an encouraging and uplifting time in the States.
Prayer Requests for Mali in general:
  • Currently we have a team from Christ Community in Omaha (my home church!) here to do some construction and distributing packaged meals in another village. Thank the Lord for their help and support and pray for their time to be and encouraging and fruitful.
  • Rain! We have seen very little rain for what's expected by this time of year. Many of the locals are getting concerned for this year's crop since the rain is very late in starting and some are still waiting to begin planting until it rains more. Since life is so substantial here this effects the livelihood of many.
  • Believers in the village Finkolo- Last month I had the pleasure of visiting missionaries Randy and Marsha Barnwell in Niena. On Sunday we drove about an hours ways out in the bush to a village called Finkolo. Recently several children became believers and every Sunday Randy and/or a pastor from Niena drive out to Finkolo to have a Sunday worship service with the children and one old man who is also a believer. They meet in a old building and recently bought chairs and benches so the Barnwells wouldn't need to keep bringing them. The children and the old man were so excited to worship the Lord together with us. Please pray the Lord would provide a pastor for this village to help this band of believers grow in their faith and that more would have a hunger to know Jesus. Below is a picture of the church members.

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