August 23, 2007

Dr. Wong's Experience at the Koutiala Hospital

19 August 2007

Hello-- I am an OBGYN coming to the end now of my month in Koutiala, working at the CPAM hospital, and I want to express my thanks and gratitude to all who have made my working here possible. This has been a truly remarkable experience for me and I will treasure the memories. At the hospital, I want in particular to thank Gail, Betsy and Carey for their help and support. Language was a problem and I appreciate those who put up with my feeble attempts to learn some French. I promise to study French before returning in the future. I also want to thank the CMA mission staff, Bob, Becky, Barry, Terry and others for their hospitality during my visit.

I was impressed by the dedication and faith of the local staff at the hospital. I was interested to learn how many things could be recycled and used over and over again in the hospital, which only emphasizes how wasteful we are in the US. I am pleased with whatever I have been able to contribute to the health and welfare of the local people in the short time I have been here.

I pray that the hospital and mission work in Mali will continue to be blessed in the future.

Richard Wong, MD
Portland, Oregon

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, just making a quick stop by n showing some love to my lovely city of koutiala, Im so glad to find all these infos about my city healthcare; I m pleasure to thank Dr wong n his team for the bunch they have done for my city. Hopefully this city will learn from your experince.
Malle Mamadou student @ TSU houston Tx