March 02, 2008

The Latest from Bob the Builder

Columns Up

As the temperature goes up here in Mali so does the new warehouse for the hospital. The Warehouse is 71 meters long and 15 meters wide. We poured 60 columns and have brought in over 100 trucks of dirt. Granted the trucks aren’t as big as you would see in the States but it is still a substantial amount of dirt. We go from no fill on one corner to 1 meter in a few places. The place where we are building is suitable for little else but is a great sight for a warehouse. It will be close to the pediatric and maternity buildings which will help for stocking those buildings with supplies. There will be a room set aside for an x-ray machine and 5 offices to be used for administration for a few years. Then they could be transformed into any number of uses that best suit the hospital’s needs at that time. Please pray that we would find an x-ray machine to come out in this summer’s container. We are focusing on digital to get away from developing solutions because of the high heat situation here The columns were wrapped with cement paper to help hold in the humidity and were soaked down a couple times a day. This time of year when the humidity is below 10%, it is important for the strength of the cement to take this extra step.

The Malian group that we have building this building is from Koutiala and is learning much in this process. This is an important step in the building process here. Not only for the fact of teaching and expanding the local labors’ skills but it also helps with local public relations that we help employ local people and keep funds here in Koutiala. It cost no more except for time and effort. But the return from this investment will be considerable. I have been blessed to be able to work with these guys. Please pray for Momine, the mason in charge, as he is Muslim. Pray that our time together would be more than just teaching temporary skills but be of eternal value to him and those under him who don’t know Christ.

Please pray also for the project that it would continue to move forward at a good rate and that we would be able to get a roof, windows and doors on before we go on home assignment the end of April. Please pray for wisdom as I am far out of my abilities. I love what I am doing and truly enjoy seeing God at work in our daily activities.

Bed from and for Mali

After much work with a local metal fabricator and much input by the medical staff here we have a bed that is especially suited for the patient’s needs here. Everything for this bed is purchased & built here in Koutiala. “Appropriate Technology”.
-Removable canopy for mosquito net support.
-hooks for IV solution bags.
-Place to mount urine bag
-removable divider for either side of bed to protect babies from falling off, they sleep in bed with Mom. (cultural)
-standardized dimensions so all accessories are interchangeable.
-place under bed for storage of personal items.
We do have some regular medical beds for patients when needed. Please offer praise for this success and pray for future design opportunities
Thank You for being a part of this project!!!

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